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For Sale: Both for $15 Condor Rip-Away EMT First Aid Kit Medical Pouch in RED Features MOLLE and D-ring backing for attachment. + 5.11 Water Pouch Pouch secured to velcro panel for easy tear-away removal from mounted location. Pouch features molle webbing and additional velcro (for patches) in the front. It opens to 3 sections for storage of medical supplies. Size approx: 8 Inches x 6.5 Inches x 3 Inches 5.11 Tactical water pouch Fits a 32oz nalgene bottle *** Blue Carabiner & Water Bottle NOT included*** Great addition for your hiking / vehicle / emergency preparedness / tactical gear! Compatible with MOLLE webbing / PALS _______________________________________ Cash and local pickup only. Item still available if Post/ad is up. Available after 7pm on weekdays and all day weekends. Thanks, k

Medical Healthcare Scrubs Top. Men's Size Medium. 100% Cotton. Imported. Made in Egypt. Size: Size Medium Color: Hunter Green Country of Origin: Made in Egypt Condition: New Condition RN #: 52469 Style: UZ13150T UPC#: 84868302223 $3.

Hill-Rom Model 306 1940's Floor Lamp for Hospital, Dentist, Surgery... The lamp measures approximately 12" side to side, 15" front to back, and 48" in height. The base measures approximately 12" in diameter. As shown in photos, the surface of the lamp has imperfections and scratches in the finish, as well as paint missing on the top of the shade. As also shown in photos, this lamp has 2 switches; it can be turned on at either the top, a smaller "night light" can be turned on the bottom, or both top and bottom can be lit at the same time. There is also a two prong electrical plug in between the switches for top and bottom! There is a pleasing pattern on top of the shade, which the light shines through when the lamp is turned on.

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Automatic Transmission Oil Pan, Turbo Hydra-Matic 350 (TH350), Chrome. Like New. Only used it for about 6 months. Includes drain plug and gasket. Manufactured from triple chrome-plated steel Stock capacity. A great addition to your project! Chevy, TH400, Buick, Turbo, Olds, Powerglide

Like New Condition Spa Chair/Table/ Cash only.